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Aluminium Internal Floating Roof (AIFR) was originally designed in 1970’s to replace commonly used steel floating roofs in aboveground storage tanks. AIFR mainly reduces vapour space in the aboveground storage tanks and help refineries to store and deliver products with much higher quality in comparison with steel roofs.

AIFR requires less (almost zero) maintenance and is expected to be in operation for more than 20 years. AIFRs are significantly cost effective and environmentally friendlier choice for refineries.

Bonzgroup’s Aluminium Internal Floating Roofs (PBL 1200 and PBL 1300) are designed according to required standards and are fully compliant with API650 Annex H.

Bonzgroup’s AIFRs can be designed, manufactured and installed for tanks with 8 to 80 meter diameter.

We are proud that our company is among handful number of companies in the word capable of designing AIFRS for above ground storage tanks with the capacity of half million barrels.

Banadar Abbass Tank Farm ( MTBE Storage Tanks) 46 m Dia
ISFAHAN Refinery Pump Station No 6 Crude Oil Tank 80m Dia