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Production of the first locally manufactured Aluminium Floating roof in Middle-East Iran

Translated from the original article published in MASHAL Magazine/ November 2004

For the first time in the middle east Aluminium Internal Floating Roof (AIFR) has been designed, manufactured and installed by a local company in Iran chief executive of IOPTC Mr. Khalili announced last month [November 2004].

He also added the current success would help the Pump Station Number 6 located in Maroon-Isfahan refinery to add its 500-million-barrel crude oil tank back into the service. The original AIFR was installed by an American company and was out of service for many years.

AIFR manufactured and installed by‏ Pooladbon company would help us to keep the crude oil in a standard condition and maintain its quality Mr.khalili confirms.

The number of inspections we had on the tank and the installed AFIR shows the quality of the installed AIFR is compatible to non-local products and can be replaced and supplied locally. We are pleased the tank is currently in service.

The tank was out of service due to extreme climate condition.

We are planning to install a new AIFR for the smaller tank with the capacity of 25000 barrels in a near future.